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Jan, 7th 5:21pm
mood: annoyed

LJ Friends Meme by coolerq

• You must tell 7 people about this game.
Jenny is the one that you love.
Jesi is one you like but can't work out.
• You care most about Jon.
Bobcat is the one who knows you very well.
Texas is your lucky star.
Coffee-Copeland is the song that matches with Jenny.
One day all woman will become monsters-Chiodos is the song for Jesi.
Medicating-Boys Night Out is the song that tells you most about YOUR mind.
• and Every So Sweet-Early November is the song telling you how you feel about life
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Jan, 4th 7:01am


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Dec, 4th 1:17pm
  Im in pensacola right now....so come hangout with me at jons!  
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Guess what   
Nov, 4th 2:06pm
  So for those who dont know...chris coffey no longer lives in pensacola right now....and i dont find that as a reason for ANYONE to be mad...cause truthfully i actually have a place im going to be living at out here..the only place i could stay at in pensacola was with my dad who keeps treating me like shit and saying that pretty soon i wont be able to go anywhere at all. Now i love everyone and i promise ill come back to visit as soon as i can..i mean come on its not that far away ...only like an hour at the most..I believe i have the most wonderful friends in the world and and hour isnt gonna stop me from seeing them. Next time i come..i think i might just stay for a few days too! should be fun!

PS: JON YOU SHOULD COME TOO!!!!! LIVE WITH ME OR SOMETHNG..im sure they wont mind! =]
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Oct, 29th 7:18am
  im lame..ihavnt slept all night at all....i guess ill go to sleep in a bit. SOO..partIES tonight as in im going to be attending 2 ...goonna be some fun fun stuff. Then if i get a ride....sunday i get to go to fort walton for the across 5 aprils show..will be good...ill be seeing the lovely kaite peachey there too...along with some other people i know and love. CANT WAIT...CANT WAIT!!!!




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Are we hot or what??   
Oct, 24th 4:29am
  We ARE The Party NIGGA!!!
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Oct, 24th 4:25am
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read at least the last part of these lyrics!!!!!   
Oct, 21st 5:30am

"One Day Women Will All Become Monsters"

if I live to see you again
i'll take out my eyes
with this I have no way, and in consequence want no sight
i've tried my hardest to forget every connection
always being the blind villain

my end meets the old curse of death

the last courtesy I give
get the horses for your mistress
there is a cliff, with sky high peaks
make your way to the very brim of it
stop it from every showing
repair the misery

give me your hand
the departure of the thief and monster is far from over
but everything is gonna be just fine
everything will be just fine

with robbers hands, cunning and false
label him a thief, bring him before us
bind fast his corky arms
filthy traitor!

hang him instantly
pluck out his eyes
rip the haunting smirk from his face
may heaven help him, but only through its plagues
for our means secure us
for our means secure us and our defects prove our worth.

give me your hand
the departure of the thief and monster is far from over
but everything is gonna be just fine
everything will be just fine
we live in fear and danger of them
there delicate cheeks will turn to rotting flesh
one day women will all become monsters!!!
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guess what   
Oct, 21st 4:15am
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Oct, 13th 1:39am
  So...today was pretty fun...i hungout with bobcat, michael, mel, and jessi..they did some longboarding. On the way home..well on the way to church..we played some sick techno haha and passed the ball...in the process bob almost killed us all running up a curb..not only once..but he just about did it again..if i wouldnt have grabbed the wheel for him. haha...finally i got to church after stoping by michaels house..he came along with me..met up with ashton, jeff, ronny, micah, and others...church went well, michael was a bit freaked..haha it was his first time there..i dont blame ya man..i was like that too. Well turns out ashton and hannah are going out of town for 2 weeks..ill miss you girls, see you when you get back and have fun.

OH and jon when you read this...thank you for falling asleep on me...i was left alone watching A Walk To Remember by myself...and i cried so much....ALONE..!!!! darn you

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Oct, 12th 1:23am
  HMMMM......i need sleep...i want to thank michael for letting me and jon come over and hang tonight..and i want to think ashton for the nice convo between me her michael and jon...all at once..on the phone..we made ashton so confused..haha...and finally id like to thank my buddy jon for the wonderful walk all around downtown...it was fun bud..and i love the new findings :)  
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Oct, 10th 7:34pm
mood: good
So my trip to arkansas was lame really....well arkansas was nice like always..but the time there was a waste. I didnt come home to good news either..but what can you do? Anyway..lastnight i stayed at jon's thank god..i dont know if i can actually stay at my dads house...im weird about that now..i feel like i have no freedom there. Jon dropped me off at my dads around 2 something...i ended up just leaving again and hanging with TEXAS, we went on a photoshoot downtown...haha we only got 2 pics..due to the sun going down...then we got some subway...in all it was still fun and now im at jons again..gonna have some fun here then maybe do the same as today..tomorrow. goodnight
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Sep, 30th 5:59am
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Old pic of jon   
Sep, 28th 3:55pm
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Sep, 28th 2:34am
  SO.... I was supposed to hang with jon at the mall today...that didnt happen..i guess he had something important..but jenny decided to come over and get me..took me to the mall. We got micheal too..met turtle, mandy, and scott there...then ASHLY, dani, and some random...she decided to bring along. It was really fun...although..ashly nichole can be a tease sometimes =] i love you tho. Oh..we met up with Bob..(skrilla bobcat) ha...we all hungout doing random stuff..and i got free food....that made me so happy..i love food. I gave bob a cookie haha..and then we all left and went to a show at sluggos where my friend mel's band was playing and i have to say...they were amazing..i really liked them.. grindcore all the way. WELL>.....thats all for tonight...I LOVE♥ ASHLY NICHOLE DISSLER...GOODNIGHT EVERYONE!  
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Sep, 27th 4:13am
   Click the icon to join THE COFFEY HOUSE community, if you want, copy this and promote it.  
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Sep, 27th 3:59am
  OLD PICCollapse )  
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credit: BOBCAT   
Sep, 26th 9:47pm
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for laughs   
Sep, 26th 9:43pm
  old pic of me and jon just to humor you guys!

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Sep, 26th 9:39pm
  I kinda like the way things are going right now...lets just hope this is going in the direction i think it is...and as soon as possible...  
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